Smart Phone Poems

I tried to write a poem a day on my smart phone during April 2011. Here are the results. I’ve also added some annotations / gossip to certain poems, which is very exciting and self-indulgent.

Harvard Avenue (4/1): I thought I’d write more poems “on the go,” but I didn’t. Some may blame the infamous Green Line, but I don’t. Not really.

Old Worlds (4/3): Written on the way home from a family wedding.

Two Lessons on Marriage (found poem) (4/3): Text composed on 4/2 by my girlfriend during my cousin’s wedding ceremony.

Promotional Considerations (4/4): Text taken from things heard during the last five minutes of Jeopardy! and the first minute or so of whatever comes on after Jeopardy!

Raw Material (4/5): Title taken from the theme of my department’s graduate student conference this year.

Death Ray (4/7): Inspired by an episode of River Monsters. Great show.

America (4/8): Written after discussing Allen Ginsberg’s “America” with my class.

a thousand goodnights (4/11): Title borrowed from Shakespeare.

The Information Race (4/12): Text taken from biographies / qualifications offered up by participants in a recent election held by my department.

Bare Poem (4/13): As the note at the end suggests, my friends and I took turns writing couplets here.

The Lost Art Of Not Giving A Shit (4/14)

Tell Your Friends (4/16): Billy Joel was bound to show up sooner or later. The Constantines album I was listening to that day was Tournament of Hearts. Great record.

Autograph (4/21)

Drown Yr Sorrows (4/25): Bravo Pizza in Allston makes good, New York style slices (regular and Sicilian).

Dressing Wounds (4/26)

Days Of Future Past (4/30): Still one of my favorite comic book covers.

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