FeedBook is comprised of cut-up poems made out of snippets of my Facebook News Feed.

a new playground 🙂 [Tuesday, May 10th @ 12:38 PM]

GONE TO TEXAS [Sunday, May 15th  @ 3:41 PM]

yes I realize everything is backwards, I didn’t do that though                      [Wednesday, June 1st @ 12:52 PM]

Only 5 people care  [Sunday, June 5th @ 5:44 PM]

au natural [Monday, June 13th @ 3:17 PM]

this shit is unbelievable [Wednesday, June 15th @ 7:33 PM]

the sound and the sky are the same color [Thursday, June 23rd @ 7:46 PM]

home sweet home! (i will not feel this way tomorrow morning)
[Monday, July 11th, @10:53 AM]

spending the day under water [updates from Saturday July 23rd to Friday, July 29th; written on Saturday, July 30th @11:46 AM]

stuck in reverse [Friday, August 5th @ 1:47 PM]

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