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He was murdered by an unstoppable monologue, the sentences empty a kitchen an apartment an entire town types a river of paralysis the computer making the sun rise, it was difficult art and we are never told the secret that walks all day right in front of us and so we object to everything, drunken resistance burning our disgust, the silhouette is mocked for its purity and a new shadow calmly anchored its cage. We often have no idea how despair comes, like a shatter in the throat, and the heart is a newspaper to talk to, one of those unsettling types is a man lost on the Internet, the relentless future, he cannot look at this, the world and the sentence almost inseparable, an atmosphere that cannot enrage us, the ceiling has vanished, a fire of decline and a wordless suicide is something to believe in, a new silent world to discover, bleak but elegant like a stranger on a horse.